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Lilla's notes on Inspiron 7000 - Introduction - Last updated 13Dec98

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A word from Erick

The following notes were compiled by Lilla Slater, a news:comp.sys.laptops newsgroup regular and someone I have corresponded with over the last year or so. She has assembled an impressive collection of valuable information on Dell's newest portable sensation, the Inspiron 7000 and I've provided a home for them here so you can access them as needed. Thanks to Lilla for all her work.

A word from Lilla

What started out as my research notes, has grown into an extensive FAQ for the Dell Inspiron 7000 which benefits the entire "Inspiron 7000 Community". I post my notes on the internet so that others might benefit. I am grateful to Erick for providing a home for them. Check back here from time to time to assure you have the latest version. Lately, I've been posting an update about every 10 days.

I have gathered information that will be of interest to 7000 owners and those considering the purchase of a 7000. Those researching the 7000 for possible purchase will find valuable decision making information not available elsewhere. The main source of this information is 7000 owners via their newsgroup/webtalk posts and e-mails. For new owners, my notes provides a reference point for accessing what's normal and what's not. Seasoned owners will find information about fine tuning their system with the latest drivers, and much more. In short, these notes are chocked full of valuable information that's difficult-to-impossible to find anywhere else. I welcome new information, corrections and your own Inspiron 7000 experiences.

I have received numerous Thank You's via email and the newsgroup from people saying how much they appreciate my efforts and willingness to share these notes. Thank you for your "Thank you's." And, I have received several Emails now from people within Dell saying warm and complementary things on my efforts, and offering additional or corrections to information contained herein. That felt good too.

About the new look 2Nov98

The bigger this document gets the more I feel the need to work on form in addition to content. I started with a plain text version where my emphasis was on content, not looks. Next came a basic HTML version which definitely looked better than plain text. But, I felt this format wasn't quite right for a fluid document such as this. So, I went shopping for a new format and settled on HTML-CSS, which I introduced in the 2-Nov-98 release of my notes. This format provides a good look and is easy for me to work with. Below is just a brief technical explanation for the curious.

When the HTML document loads it links to a style sheet located on W3's server. W3 is the HTML standards setting body. This stylesheet uses "browser sniffing" to provide browser specific settings to assure things work on all browsers. Browsers with HTML4-CSS support will get a nice fresh look, and other browsers (which probably means all except IE4 and Netscape4) will get a somewhat plainer look. Slick idea. Since it has to connect to the site, you might experience a little delay while it loads the style sheet, but works good from here. If you experience any problems with this please let me know.

About this 13Dec98 Release

Lots more good and useful information has been added. Especially of interest might be to read the Drives section. Search for "About Win98 DVD Player" and read there. This is a tid bit I just added so it is on the top of my head, so I can point you there. Of course this is only one of many interesting things that has been added. I wish I could provide an index, but my time is limited and so far it seems best to spend my time on content.

Please notice that my email address is now lilla@earthlink (without the "2"). lilla2@earthlink was a temporary email address they gave me until they could free up lilla, as someone else had previously used that name. I was first told that they could give me plain "lilla". Then was firmly and absolutely told that earthlink policy did not permit reassigning old usernames. Then, low and behold, they called one day and said it was done, that I was now lilla and was no longer lilla2. Don't know if they changed their policy or handled me as an exception, but whatever, all is well with my email address once again. Well, except for the fact that you need to update your address for me yet again. Sorry about any confusion this has caused.

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