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The Notebook Buyer's HomePage

Welcome to the Main Page for the Notebook Buyer's Homepage. If you are using framed version you can use the sidebar to navigate through this site. If you are not using the framed version, then please use the menu bar at the top of the page. You can also visit my other notebook site at the the Mining Co. for weekly articles, in-depth reviews and other links to notebook/laptop related news.

The following is an explanation of each link and the last date each section was updated:

This site is for people who are considering buying a notebook computer. It is designed for all level of users. It's main goal is to help people find a powerful notebook for a reasonable price. By combining various sources of information from the newgroups, magazines, websites and other notebook users, I will develop the content for this page.

NOTE: Some information here may be based on opinion or heresay. I try to verify the content as much as possible and will note any corrections to mistakes or errors.

This site is completely HANDMADE with only a text editor as my tool. The graphics were done using Windows95 Paint.

I would also like to thank Michael Karesh and Emmanuel Brown for all their help and insight, without them, this site would have never been made.

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